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Fan Project!

I’m meeting little mix next week!

I’m going to make them a gift from all of us!

Here’s what to do:

Write a small message to the girls, it could be about anything!

Include your name, location (city or state, country) and twitter name or tumblr URL 

Send it to either in my ask box, Email: or Twitter: @UKPop_Updates

Send it by the 31st of March please & thank you!

That’s it!

I’ll try to film a video giving it to them! 

Pass this around to all the mixers you know!

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Just went on the Ed sheeran tag & messaged a lot of ppl on this project I hope they don’t think I’m a creeper lol

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I’m sorry

Lately I’ve been slacking and losing the desire to make Gifs actually I have zero desire to learn how to make them in the program I have now (since my trial ended & found a weird PS and still need to learn) but I’m going to re-learn and hopefully figure it out if not I’ll do edits, but yeah thanks for those still following me! and I’ll be blogging your faves soon!

lots of love <3 

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